Add pairs of survey questions & answers to the Amplitude integration

Trevin_Chow @Trevin_Chow: For amplitude integration, would be great to have an option to include name value pairs of survey questions and corresponding answers as event properties on each step completion event. Currently it is just the question text but not the answer. As well as including all questions and answers on survey completion event too would be clutch.

Amplitude supports max 1024 chars for values so plenty of room for most questions and answers even if you have to truncate.

To make this manageable you could also make this a nested property like this’d

Data: {
  “This in question 1”: “Foobar”
  “Amazing question 2”: “BarCar”

This is powerful in that it then allows us to build cohorts or other reporting based on how they answered.

peter @peter: added! can be turned on from your amplitude integration now, and available on 2.0.94

Trevin_Chow @Trevin_Chow: You guys are killing it!

This has been implemented!