Amplitude events missing `formId` event property

Not sure when this changed, but the Feathery amplitude events are no longer including the formId property.

You can see in this event, only event property included is stepId which is good, but insufficient. We also need formId which in the past has been the form name:

Is this a newly introduced bug or an intentional change? Without the formId there’s no way to differentiate forms in Amplitude if the stepId are not guaranteed to be unique.

Note: I am also still hoping for a change ultimately for formId to be the form’s GUID vs name: Reference forms in SDK by ID vs Name - #2 by trevinbc

We have not changed our amplitude integration. If you’d like to double check, you can check the network log of your Feathery form and examine what we’re sending to Amplitude for various events

Will continue to debug to see where the issue is. Thank you.