Best Way to Store API JSON Response in Array

I want to take the results of my API request, and store the data into arrays rather than a single field like the no-code connector does currently. That way I can use the arrays to populate repeating containers.

Let me know if I can be any clearer. I do not know JS, so it’s difficult for me to do this in the advanced logic.

Hi @adam Can you share a sample response you are currently getting?

Here you go: gist:ba62b8e4fdb59907efa87e6ca59ad1fc · GitHub

For full context, I’d like to store the productIds and weather they are a “match” in an array, then do another API request to get the productId’s name and images from this endpoint:

Then I want to generate repeating containers with all the product names and images for the productIds that were a “match”.