Can't update hidden field

As seen here, I have created a hidden field in the dashboard called custom-url.
I get an error saying there are invalid fields with my rule.

My goal is to use the javascript logic to take in a loved_ones_name, manipulate the text so it looks like a slug, and then display that to the user.

My issue doesn’t lie in the function to change the text, it lies in displaying it to the user via a hidden field.

While I can define a custom text such as {{loved_ones_name}} and have it display what the user inputs in the appropriate form, I can’t seem to get the data to a hidden field nor display a hidden field to the user. Any assistance would be appreciated as I’ve re-read the docs multiple times and I’m not sure what I’m doing something wrong.

cc: @andy to help out here!

Hey, it turns out that the problematic statement was in the condition “name_of_loved_one is filled” – It was a bug on our part that we fixed just now. You may just have to reselect “is filled” to resolve it. Let us know if you have any other issues.