Conditions based on the total score of previous questions


We have 10+ questions that are a mix of:

  • Score: 1-10
  • Multiple Choice: Pending the choice they do, they get a different score

I want to have it so the path is then conditional of the total score. How do i do this?

My current understanding is there’s two key pieces to figure out:

i) where do the scores get stored

ii) how can i then “total them up” to determine which conditional path the user to take based on the total score

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You can create a rule that runs when any of the multiple choice fields are selected. You can store the score into a hidden field you create, and you can total them up via logic as well since you can get the value of each field there

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the reply. Can you confirm if my below action steps are accurate based on your feedback? The more specific or step-by-step you can provide, the better.

Step 1: I go into the “Logic” section, Create a “Rule” based on when multiple choice fields are selected

Step 2: I create a hidden field. Is it accurate to say I’ll need a hidden field for every single question and have this connected to whatever the button was selected?

I’m confused as to if this is the right setup? Imagine a question that has a score option from 1 to 10. When it’s selected, how do I store the value? Below is a screenshot

Step 3: How do I “total them up via logic” ?

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To sum up the totals, would this be the right code to use?

// Assuming ‘feathery.fields’ is a dictionary-like object that stores field values.
// Summing up the ‘Quiz Q1 Result’ and ‘Quiz Q2 Result’ and storing in ‘contact_delegationquiz_score’
feathery.fields[‘contact_delegationquiz_score’] = feathery.fields[‘Quiz Q1 Result’].value + feathery.fields[‘Quiz Q2 Result’].value;

Specifically, the fields “Quiz Q1 Result” and “Quiz Q2” Result are the total scores.

I then createa. new hidden field called “contact_delegationquiz_score” which is the sum of the quiz results.

set the .value property. so:

feathery.fields[‘contact_delegationquiz_score’].value = feathery.fields[‘Quiz Q1 Result’].value + feathery.fields[‘Quiz Q2 Result’].value;

Is there a more efficient way within the rule builder to build the scores?

What I want from a question with a scale from 1-10

  • If they answer 1 to 5, the score is 0
  • If answer 6, the score is 1
  • If answer 7, the score is 2,
  • IF answer 8, the socre is 3
  • If ansewr 9, the score is 4
  • If answer 10, the score is 5.

Below is a <1 minute loom of wha ti have: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom