Embedding on a godaddy site

Hello, is there any documentation on how to embed a form created into a website built with godaddy? They have a custom code widget but I cannot seem to get it to work. Thank you

You would want to use our Javascript embed (Javascript SDK - Feathery Docs)

You can get your code snippet by clicking the dropdown next to the Publish button in your dashboard, then click the Javascript embed option

This code snippet only provides the element that my mouse is on.
I read in the documentation:
You can install the JS library from our CDN. --Where is your CDN and where do i install it? on the web server? I don’t use Wordpress, the site is a plain html site
I added the script replacing with my SDKKey and formName, but no link shows up on my page when published.
What do I need to do, to embed my form into the web page?

The code snippet installs the JS library from our CDN for you. Can you share a link to your page so we can take a look?


lines 96 to 100 is the location

Hi Jalaxie, it doesn’t look like the Feathery code embed was actually added to the site. I’m checking out the HTML of the site and I dont see the code.

looks like the hosting site did not take it yesterday
i uploaded the file again. here is the page source

actually i just upgraded and used your hosting instead
so don’t worry about it
thank you