Remove Form Header?

I am using the React SDK to load a form in my app. However, when the form displays, it is displaying with a banner that covers my app’s header (screenshot – the header that says my form name and has a little arrow to close out). I can click on the arrow to minimize it, but it seems to be enabled by default and still shows an arrow in the top right even after being minimized.

How can I completely remove this? Or can I completely remove it? Ideally, we wouldn’t have the arrow to open this header up at all, I just want the form embedded, nothing else.

Note: This is different than the popup. I played with the popup settings too, but that is different. This is specifically about the header that shows up on an inline form.


Looks like you’re using the test SDK key to embed the form. If you use the live sdk key, the header shouldn’t appear!

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