Required text fields accept single spce as entry

If you have a text input that is required field, you can bypass it by putting a single space in.

I’d expect this not to pass or there to be a way to specify this shouldn’t be possible. I can’t think of a good reason for a required field to deliberately allow all spaces.

We have a name form where we want required first and last name and the ability to have space to bypass last name is causing issues. Obviously we can handle and protect against this but we still dont’ have the user’s last name.

I thought I could try to configure the field by setting the allowed characters but the options are insufficient:

I can’t select “Letters” to avoid spaces since it will then disallow legit characters like hyphens and periods which are valid chars in names.

Ultimately I’ve worked around this with a bandaid by adding a conditional rule to check for a single space in either field. However, since regex doesn’t seem to be supported, this is bypassed by entering multiple spaces.

Would be amazing to have better control of this, including an advanced option for regex validation.

Thanks for flagging! We’ve made an update so the user needs to enter in more than just whitespace to get passed the “required field” validation

@peter when we did testing on iPhone mobile web, it doesn’t appear to be fixed. It’s relying on our conditional rules to check for whitespace still.

please upgrade to the latest react library version