What is the Amplitude API key field?

Trevin_Chow @Trevin_Chow: For Amplitude “API Key” I’m trying to figure out what API key you Feathery needs.

is it a “Project” level API key? If so, this won’t work well with a live and test environment since within Amplitude environments are within a project.

What would be better is an api key from a “source” we create specific for feathery, which can then have env level keys. I’d think this would be a source from the HTTP API.

peter @peter: it looks like amplitude best practice is to have a separate project per environment: https://www.docs.developers.amplitude.com/getting-started/#instrumentation-best-practices

Getting Started with Amplitude - Amplitude Developer Center

Trevin_Chow @Trevin_Chow: Actually yes you’re right. The way they represent it in their UI is super confusion… they require you to create multiple projects (1 per env) then get you to do some weird mapping within the project to indicate the environiemnt