Add CSS to Markdown when creating a GoogleDoc?

Hi there!
Is it possible to add CSS when using Markdown to create a Google Doc, post form submit? I have everything connected and and the GoogleDocs are being created just fine, but I would LOVE to be able to change the font at least.

Hey! Perhaps if you adjust your Google doc default font styles, the newly populated text will inherit it Permanently Change Default Font - Google Docs Editors Community

Hi Peter!
Thanks for the tip. I’ve adjusted the Google doc default settings, restarted everything, and re-created the GoogleDoc integration. When I submit a form it still shows up in the original (Times New Roman) font and spacing settings.

When I create a new Google Doc from the drive, it does keep the default settings that I updated. So I’m not sure why the updated settings aren’t applying through the integration?

Ah I see. We’ll look into that, thank you!

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