Seeing documentation on custom fonts

Feathery newbie here. I’m trying to use custom fonts on our forms.
2 questions:

  1. Is there a path to using Typekit on my form?
  2. If not, what happens when I upload a font? Does it become available in the font picker? Can I upload more than 1 font?

Thank you

Hi Marchummel,

For your first inquiry, we do not support fonts linking to typekit, however, you can submit your inquiry, as a feature request, so that our team can take a look at it.

As for your second one, fonts uploaded will still be usable for other forms that you will create.

Here is a screenshot from my end, the fonts I had used was uploaded from a different forms, but I was still able to use it for another form that I had created.

Just make sure that the fonts that you will be uploading will be supported, such as this one.

Also make sure that you upload the file itself, not the zip file.

Let me know if you have any questions.