Bug: Unable to update an asset style in theme designer

Having a styling issue with a form.

The theme is set to use white text on green buttons (desktop and mobile), but the form isn’t using white text on the green buttons when under ~478px browser window width. The form isn’t respecting the theme’s mobile settings.

Expected button text color:

Actual button text color:

Hey! it seems you may have accidentally set a style on your mobile viewport that you didn’t mean to. You can check it out by toggling the mobile viewport in the top-right corner of your canvas and checking out the styling there. If you want to reset the mobile style back to desktop, you can click the blue tag next to the style and click “Reset to Desktop”

Thanks, but there’s no “Reset to Desktop” when I toggle to the mobile viewport and check the styling on the button’s Typography/Color field.

Mobile and Desktop are set to use #FFFFFF on the button’s Typography/Color field, but the button text is still dark gray.

Ah gotcha. I went in and on the mobile viewport applied the white color to “all buttons” instead, and it seems to have fixed the issue

Hi Peter,
I think your edit may have created new bugs. Can you please help? The new post is here:

Made an update! Let us know if you see any more issues