Incorrect image showing up when showing theme dynamically

I’m trying to set up a form with dark mode. Between the main form, my dark theme and my light theme, I made sure all the assets were named the same, and saved correctly.

However, when I view my rendered form, the image I uploaded is not showing? Any suggestions what’s going on here? See screenshots:

The main form:

The dark theme with asset and light image:

The rendered form:

Could you share a link to the form where I can see the issue?

Here’s the link to the survey in feathery: Feathery

do you need the rendered form link?


Yes, it’d be helpful to get a link to the form where we can see the actual issue happening

Hi Peter,

Emailing you the link since it is on our staging environment and we don’t feel comfortable posting on a public forum. Thanks!

Hi Peter,

Similar problem, but looks like a different cause:

I have an asset called ‘bc back’ and I edited it in my Theme, but it is not updating in the form where I’m using the asset. This is causing an issue when the theme dynamically changes, as the image is not updating per theme when the theme changes accordingly. Any troubleshooting tips?

See video here: Jam

Hi Katie, thanks for flagging. This is likely due to a caching issue on our side related to dynamic themes. We’ve gone ahead and made a change – can you edit your theme, publish that change, and then see if changes are going through now?

they are not going through :disappointed:

did a hard refresh, tried updating the image from themes, and from the form directly—all with no luck

ah sorry, i was misunderstanding the question. we just made an update so the blue highlight is now visible on your button image attributes, so you can reset your form elements back to the asset image.

Amazing. I was able to reset the image. Thank you!