Buttons off-center in javascript embed

My buttons look fine in my stand alone deployed forms.
However when embedded into webflow via javascript they are shifting off-center to the right.
Stand alone forms: 3 images
Off-center Deployed in Webflow: 3 images

Hi - would you please provide the link for the webflow form as well? Thank you.


Thank you

Would you please check if you have any css file / script with a class selector .btn? Seems this class selector is adding 20px left margin hence the difference.

We are looking into this thank you.
Is there any way we can identify the feathery buttons uniquely in CSS?
So we can override the .btn class CSS?

There might not be a straightforward way to identify all buttons from Feathery forms. If you cannot change .btn class that it has to have a left margin, maybe consider adding right margins to buttons in Feathery forms to counteract the effect and see if that works.

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