Collaborator Button Question + not working?

I have setup a form for collaboration. Both users can edit all fields

An end user starts by clicking on the form. On page, if the user specifies they are married, they have the option to provide a partner’s email address and then click a button to invite them to the form. The button has 2 actions:
(1) Verify Collaborator email, and
(2) Invite Collaborator.

Question 1: When I test the form, I am getting a “invalid form collaborator” error. What is this error, and how do I fix it?
Question 2: Is there a way to give the user feedback that the button was clicked successfully (i.e. they invited their partner successfully)? Before I added the verify collaborator email action, I would click this button and nothing would happen (so it was a confusing user experience)

  1. You’re attempting to verify the collaborator email so if you enter an invalid collaborator email then trigger that action, you would get that error
  2. I recommend you add a Go to Step action after that invitation action, which would indicate success via navigation to the next step