Container Jumping When Selection is Made

I made a Loom to explain what’s happening, but basically whenever I write a value to a field by selecting a button elsewhere on the page, some containers jump and slide.

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the clear explanation.
We will check on this one, and will provide you an update.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Great, thanks!

As a side question, can I pass hidden fields in API requests? Every time I try I get an error saying it couldn’t read the data. I’m having to change my hidden fields into regular text fields, then hide them in my form to get around it.

For instance, in my “Shooter Search” logic step from the same form, it still isn’t reading the data right, even when I make the referenced fields not hidden. When I provide it test data, the API call runs fine, but when I try to pass fields, it errors out.

I don’t recommend creating and hiding regular text fields as a hack - Feathery hidden fields were designed to be used for that purpose. They can be used in all the same places normal form fields can be used

If you refactor your form to use hidden fields rather than conditionally hidden text fields, i wonder if you’ll still see the jumping

Make sure to create your hidden fields before using them: Hidden Fields | Feathery Docs

Hey Peter,

Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately even when I move my fields to all be hidden fields, I still see the jumping.

this should be resolved now