Hidden fields and Google sheet integration

Hello - Are hidden fields also brought in over to Google sheets? I have an integration that seems to bring over just the regular fields. Also, if hidden fields are not brought over, are there plans to add this functionality to the product? Meanwhile, what ar ethe possible workarounds to be considered?

Hidden fields should be brought over as well

Hidden fields are not being brought over. The scenario is:

  • The form is embedded
  • Hidden fields are passed in after form initialization

See the script invocation in JavaScript Playground
The form is called as below and the hidden field ‘8-in-rs-job-add-url’ is set with a value as below

function myFunction(formName, renderContainer) {
    // Add more code to run when the link is clicked
    Feathery.init('-- replaced --');
    Feathery.renderAt(renderContainer, { formName: formName });

Clicking the Submit button on the first step completes the form and the information is captured in Google sheets at Piyush Form Results - Google Sheets in the “Contact Us” sheet .

Note that only the form fields are populated. Hidden fields such as 8-in-rs-job-add-url do not exist in Google sheets…

Please let me know if you need more information to reproduce the issue.

Have you checked your form results in Feathery to verify that the hidden field data is being stored properly? If it isn’t being stored, you should check to make sure the hidden fields have actually been created in Feathery

It does not seem that the hidden field data is stored in Fetrhery. I am not sure what you mean by “you should check to make sure the hidden fields have actually been created in Feathery”. I have created the hidden field by navigating to the form → Settings → Data Tracking → Edit under Edit Hidden Fields.

And, as I indicated, I am setting the value as described in this thread.

the correct link for the test website is Clone JavaScript Playground

Try passing it in as the initialValues prop and see if that works: <Form> - Feathery Docs

i tried that as below - still no luck. The hidden field is not populated with the value when i print to the console the feathery.fields object from within the logic rule in the form.

    Feathery.renderAt(renderContainer, { formName: formName }, {initialValues:{'8-in-rs-job-add-url':'https://staffinggroup.co/'}});

initialValues needs to be passed into the same object where you’re specifying the formName

I now pass in hidden values as advised - and they do get added to the form results in Feathery - but they do not get added to the Google spreadsheet.

Please can this be taken up on a priority basis and confirmed that is is not just somethig with my setup but indeed there is an issue here.

    Feathery.renderAt(renderContainer, {formName: formName , 

Please share the name of the form so we can take a look

the form I have been testing against is ’ Piyush - 8 Web TT Contact Us’

You may see the Google Sheets here - Shared Form Results - Google Sheets

I’d recommend trying the Add or Update Row action for google sheets and explicitly mapping your hidden fields to columns of your sheet, and see if that works