Do the API connections have incremental data loading capabilities?

New to API and curious if this is possible or already exists within Feathery.

what do you mean by incremental data loading capabilities?

“By incremental data loading capabilities, I mean the ability of the API to recognize and retrieve only the new data entries since the last data pull. For instance, imagine you have a survey form on Feathery with 50 responses that you’ve already retrieved via the API. If, afterwards, 5 new responses are submitted, the API should be able to identify that the first 50 responses have been previously loaded. Hence, when you make your next API request, it should automatically fetch just the 5 new responses, rather than pulling all 55 responses again. This approach helps in efficiently managing data transfer, particularly for applications dealing with frequent updates or large datasets.”

the submission API allows filtering by start and end time so as long as your next query uses the end time from the previous query as the start time for the new query, you’ll get the behavior you’re looking for