Dynamically fetch data to update dropdown options

Ankur_Sagtani @Ankur_Sagtani: Hi
I am analysing feathery for my client project. I loved the ease of configuring forms that feathery provides.
The form I need has 8 dropdowns but the list of dropdown values changes based on the selection of the previous dropdown field.
eg, Selecting a value in the first dropdown changes the values in the next 7 dropdowns, selecting a value in the second dropdown changes the values in the next 6 dropdowns and so on.
Is there a way I can configure this on feathery?

peter @peter: hi ankur, you can use our advanced logic feature to run a rule that happens when a dropdown value changes, then fetch the value and use that to update the options from the next dropdown(s) https://docs.feathery.io/platform/build-a-form/logic/api-connectors-advanced-logic

API Connectors & Advanced Logic

Ankur_Sagtani @Ankur_Sagtani: Thanks @peter.
The APIs make the form feel more slower, especially in poor connectivity. Is there a way I can load a lookup and the form could lookup the necessary values for the option list?

peter @peter: can you share an example of a form where you see slow performance?