Excel integration error

For a while, ive been trying to connect to Excel but my integration never loads. Ive left the integration open for hours and Im unable to make a connection. This happens also to many other integrations and I need to make at least the Excel one.

Which form are you doing this on? Seem to load fine for me

None of my forms are loading the Excel Integration, I dont know why

I am having this same error. I tried yesterday and again today - and only get the same spinning wheel when trying to start an Excel integration (same issue w/ Google Sheets for me as well - although email integration worked fine yesterday)

Hmm, are you able to open up your develoepr console and see if it shows an error? I’m unable to reproduce this on my side

I’m new to Feathery, and so far have only worked in the Designer for my form

followed up directly via your email!