Email Integration Not working

I had it set up to email just me after I created the form and that worked when I did a test submission I got the email. I was creating this form for a member of our warehouse department and when I also included his email and his supervisor (so all 3 of us would receive any future submissions) I have not seen any further emails come through. We had an employee make a submission about 30 minutes ago and still no email has hit. I checked our spam filter and it doesn’t find any emails from feathery there either. Can someone take a look? Everything is configured via Integrations > Email (shows Connected) and I have it set to “the form is completed”, “” and set to send to our emails in this format “email1@company,email2@company,email3@company” with the subject of “Material Request” and to attach PDF Export. The form itself is published and these email settings are saved. So I don’t get why no emails are coming through. Please let me know if there is anything else I can check or provide.

each email has .org at the end but this won’t let me post here if I put those because it treats it as a link.

Hi @Verticies , Can you share the details of the form that you created? We can take a look at it.

I have created a test form in my account and tested it with multiple emails. If you try in incognito mode, the emails should come to your accounts as expected. However, I would like to investigate further ‘another employee submitting scenario’. So, sharing your form would help me debug the scenario further.

The form itself doesn’t submit anything except a name and then let them add fields for material that they are requesting so it doesn’t input email addressees to send to, that’s hardcoded on the backend but yes, here is the form itself:

These are the integration settings:

Hi - I’m guessing it’s because you have “remember user” turned on in your form settings. Once you complete the form once and re-visit it, we’ll remember the user session so it can’t be recompleted. If you want to disable this behavior, you can turn it off and each session can trigger a new completion and email

I was not aware of that. I just turned that off. Also not sure if it is you or kailash testing the form but I did receive 3 emails from 9:42 to 9:43 so whatever the test is appears to be working. That was before I made the form setting change but I am changing that setting anyway because I want it to be fresh each time someone goes to it. Thanks for pointing that out!

Yep, that was me - no problem