Fields coming as arrays

Hi I have a form with several number fields. Some of them are calculated and then updated in the form via setFieldValues function.
When i submit the info, I dont know why some of them comes as an array instead of just a number.
Why can this happen? What am i doing wrong?

Thx in advance

Hey Esteban, what is this screenshot from? Where are you seeing the array format? And in this specific example, are you referencing Roof_Total?

The screenshot is from MAKE (integromat), the JSON it’s receiving. In this case is Roof_Total, but sometimes there are other fields with the same behaviour. Sometimes they come as integers and some times they come as arrays (always two items with the same value) and i cant detect why

We have a change coming that may fix this issue. I think it’s because you’re setting the value of a field multiple times in quick succession. If you debounce the field setting on your end it should fix it, and either way we’re making a change to debounce on our side which should also fix it cc: @andy

Hi peter, any news on this fix?

We did add debouncing logic on our end for changes. Are you still seeing this issue?

Yes but I didnt update the library. Do I need to do that? I have “@feathery/react”: “^2.0.67” installed

yep you should update to our latest version

Hi Peter, sory to bother you again. I’ve updated the library to the latest version, but it still happening

Hmm, are the fields coming back as arrays repeatable?

Yes! It happened three times now

got it – we identified the issue and put in a fix. your repeating fields should now be consistently coming as arrays

Hi Peter, sorry I dont understand: My problem is that my fileds are float numbers and they are coming as arrays. Is that what this nex fix is for?

If your fields are repeating, that means there may be multiple of them which is why they’re stored in an array

Hi Peter, thx for your answer.

I dont think I have fields that are repeating.

I have a form with several number fields, that are calculated in a React app and updated in the form via setFieldValues().
When the data is submitted, it happens with different fields each time, that instead of a float I get an array, and so my integration fails

Here is an example from today. Here is the information I am receinvg in the webhook:

One form submit (correct)

“Per_SQFT_Price”: 293.26,
“Adjustment_Discount_Per”: 0,
“Selling_Cost”: 23000,
“Adjustment_Discount”: 0,
“Net_Sale_Price”: 400000,

Another form submit (error)

“Per_SQFT_Price”: [
“Adjustment_Discount_Per”: 0,
“Selling_Cost”: [
“Adjustment_Discount”: [
“Net_Sale_Price”: [

Hi @peter, how are you? Were you able to check this?

Hey Esteban, we’ll follow up with you over email