Form disappeared / sign in with google account issue

Hi there, I used sign in with Google with my email address to log in to feathery previously and it logged me in just fine up until few days ago where I set up a associated with the Google account. Ever since, my form disappeared and I cannot access the results up to now. How do I go about getting it to show up? Anyone else have that problem? Even if I try to sign in using the original email address without sign in with Google, the form and the results no longer shows on my login screen, however, the form is still live on the website where it’s displayed, just for context.

Hello there, can you please share all the login emails you’ve used with Feathery? As well as the original form name and link if you do have that saved, otherwise the link of the website where it’s embedded. was the original email, the gmail account associated with it is

The form is at at the front page, the form name was probably something like wait list

I have sent an invite to to join the original account. You should be able to login with either of those emails and see the form.

On new sessions, use this box directly when logging in.