Google Sheets Integration - sending wrong Info

I have the google sheets integration to send each of our three free-text resposnes to a separate sheet on Google Sheets. The “Other” question is sending the wrong information (on both our cancellation and our downgrade PROD surveys) - it sends the survey name instead of the response on both the “survey” and the “response” columns. The other two questions (missing features and improvements) are working as expected

Here’s a screenshot of the sheet to show you what is happening on the actual export

it’s also worth noting that some of them don’t include the datetime for some reason

Hi Adrianne,

We are seeing the “Response” data for the “Other” sheet being correctly passed on our side, and are also unable to reproduce the issue (a newly created integration is correctly showing that column values). Did the issue happen recently or since the integration was created? Has there been any edits in the Google Sheet itself before this happened?

This was happening from 3/4 until literally as soon as I contacted your team about it this morning.

Nothing was edited to my knowledge and it’s weird that it was only that one question on both surveys.

I’ll let you know if I see it again