How to clean up unused Field IDs so that I can repurpose them

Is there a way to clean up Field IDs, by which I mean:

  • I created a duplicate of a step in a form so that I had a backup
  • I modified the duplicate/copy of the step. Once it was working, I deleted the original/backup copy
  • I want to use the same Field IDs in the modified copy that I had in the original/backup, but, even though I deleted the original/backup step, I keep getting a “Field IDs need to be unique” error, though the Field IDs are no longer used in any of the steps in the form

I want to be able to use the same Field IDs because I already mapped them to Stripe, plus I want to maintain consistency in my naming format.


It seems like clicking “Publish” cleaned up the unused Field IDs so that I could re-use them…

That’s correct, that will fix it and we’ll put in a fix to allow you to reuse within the draft as well

We have just deployed a fix that addresses this issue above.