Repeatable fields requiring unique field IDs now? Need to be same field IDs for Stripe

I created two similar steps that collect payment information. Depending on the customer input on the prior step, they go to one or the other version of the payment step. Except for the credit card element, which is not repeatable, (but I’m assuming still gets passed to Stripe*), I put every other element in a repeatable container and made each element in the container repeatable on both versions of the payment step (CC Name, Address, etc.). However, even with repeatable checked on the elements and the container on the other payment step, I keep getting a “Field IDs need to be unique” error, even though I’ve used the same field IDs for repeatable elements on other steps. The reason I need the field IDs to have the same names, is because the names are mapped to Stripe fields and only one field ID can be mapped in the Stripe integration.

*There’s no field mapping for credit card information in the Stripe integration, I’m assuming any time the credit card field input is used and checkout cart action is invoked, it gets passed to Stripe

Here is the alternate version where I’m trying to assign the same field IDs to the repeatable fields:

Any field requires a unique ID, and that has always been the case. If you want two fields on separate steps to have the same ID, you should link them together: Link Fields Across Forms - Feathery Docs

Got it, I forgot this step, thank you!