Image upload to S3 directly

Hi, I have several image fields in my form and I’m getting the submitted data from context object on the onFormComplete handler. The image returns a Promise with a File object inside it. I do not want to resolve the file and then convert it to base64 manually. Is it possible to connect my S3 account in feathery and directly get the S3 file link?

or is there a way to get the S3 link, which I get in the form results, directly through code?

Hi Ali, you can access the links from our public api - please see our docs here. Thank you.

Thanks for the reply @summep. In addition, I want to know if we can access the test form submissions or not. Right now it returns the Live form submissions but since I am still in development, I want to access test submissions.

It returns live form submissions even though I’m using the test API key and not live one.

Hi Ali, thank you for the feedback - we have updated the API and it should return the test form submissions when test key is used. Please let us know if any further questions. Thank you.

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thanks, it’s working great now