Integrate Feathery with Sheets

We have successfully integrated the form with Google Sheets, so that every time someone fills out the form, the data is automatically added to the spreadsheet. However, we have encountered an issue that needs to be addressed. When the data is added to the spreadsheet, it is placed in the row immediately below the cell containing the formula. This creates a situation where the data ends up in a row that does not contain any formulas.

We would like to know if it is possible to configure the integration so that the data is inserted into the same row as the formulas, rather than the row below. This would help us ensure that the information is recorded in the correct position and that the formulas work as expected.

Would you be able to provide more context here or share an example of the sheet / behavior you’re talking about? Is this an empty row that only contains formulas? Or is there already data in that row

Here is an example spreadsheet. As soon as a customer fills out Feathery’s form, all the information is automatically logged into the spreadsheet. As you can see, once the data is recorded, it is directed to other tabs within the same spreadsheet. We refer to this tab as “PROCESSED DATA,” where we keep all the information organized for seamless integration with other tools and to maintain precise control over all our customer’s needs.

Before the information is recorded in the spreadsheet, all the rows contain only formulas; there is no text-based information in any of the rows.

Thank you! Tagging @AK-Rollout here who will be able to help

Hey quick question - on the Respostas sheet, do you have formulas in the Cells for Columns A through X for each new row? Or do you only have formulas in columns Y onwards?

Olá, @AK-Rollout. Espero que estejas bem. As formulas estão aplicadas nas colunas Y, puxando os dados da Aba DADOS TRATADOS utlizando a formula de QUERY, que seria essa: “=query(‘Dados tratados’!W2:Z)”

Se quiser posso enviar uma cópia de toda a planilha, para que vocês possa analisar e verificar nossas necessidades.

Yeah if you could share an example sheet (without any customer data), we can reproduce the issue and get it working.

Feel free to edit any field in this spreadsheet, don’t worry about the data, it’s fictional. We are testing your platform, but we will upgrade to the premium plan as soon as everything is aligned.

Our main goal is to make this work. If, for some reason, it doesn’t work this way, we will use Zapier to filter the data from Feathery that falls into this spreadsheet and transfer it to another one. We can make the formulas work in another spreadsheet. However, if you can make it work for us directly through Feathery, that would be the preferred option as it will save resources.

Here is the link to the spreadsheet: Cópia de CADASTRO-ANTT-Fathery>Sheets - Google Sheets.

Quick update - have seen this google sheet and are actively working to update the Google Sheets integration for your use case. Will keep you posted once a fix is completed!

Hi @robsonrosa, okay we did some more testing and looks like Zapier and others behave similarly. I have a solution for you that should work within your existing spreadsheet.

I created a copy and shared with you here: Copy of Cópia de CADASTRO-ANTT-SupportFathery>Sheets - Google Sheets

The idea is: export data for each submission to a sheet (in this case I called it “FEATHERY RAW DATA”) with no formulas. Then create a second sheet that references all the data from this shee via formulas (see the “Repostas sheet”), and then you can have as many formulas on that sheet.

This approach should fix your issue!