Klaviyo and Google Sheets Integrations

Hi, I’ve set-up Google Sheets and Klaviyo Integrations on the same form. Both are lit up as green, connected.

Both integrations are set to trigger as data is recieved.

However, it appears that no data is passing through to Google Sheets or Klaviyo.

Neither side is reporting any errors or strange behaviour so I’m unsure how to troubleshoot. Can you please help?

You might want to use our form completion event (sends all form data) rather than data received, which will run every time a step of your form is submitted and only send the data received at that point. Also I’d recommend testing your form out in incognito and see if it works. If you’re still running into an issue after that, let us know and we can investigate in more detail

Hi Peter, thanks your your reply.

For this context I need to recieve data at every step of the form.

The form is correctly creating new entries, as I can see them in the form’s results tab on Feathery.

I can’t see any data in google sheets or klaviyo and Feather is not reporting any errors.

What can we do?

Hey, I duplicated your form and hooked it up to a test sheet int he same format, and confirmed I could receive data. I just hooked up a copy of your form in the same account to your sheet and filled it out, you should have received another entry. Please let me know if you didn’t.

Are you sure you’ve tried incognito? I would also recommend testing with Remember User turned off in your settings

Hi Peter, I think you’re testing for the wrong thing.

Yes the form itself recieves data - there is no issue there.

However, the data is not being passed through to the integrations: in this case, Google Sheets and Klaviyo.

The integrations, however are showing up as green and successfully connected.

Hey Sebastian, I specifically tested the Google Sheets integration and saw that I received data on the sheet.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply.

I hooked up google sheets to your test form and it passed data through to google sheets. I noticed you created new test ID’s. When I tried using my original IDs it didn’t work.

I went back to my original form and witnessed the same behaviour.

Feathery didn’t report any errors - the integrations showed green tick and the ID’s were grey for good and not red for broken.

I figured why not turn it off and on again. So I disconnected the Google Sheets integration and re-connected it. That seemed to resolve the issue and data flowed to google sheets.

However, none of the data was passing through to Klaviyo.

So I tried the same thing with Klaviyo (disconnect and reconnect) - I was able to pass an entry to Klaviyo. However, that same entry did not make it to Google Sheets.

I deleted the klaviyo integration and the google sheets integration worked.

I re-added the klaviyo integration and now the google sheets integration isn’t working. But data is flowing to Klaviyo.

:x:Feathery still isn’t reporting any errors. The Google Sheets integration is still appearing Green :white_check_mark:Connected. But there is definitely no data passing.

Ah gotcha! We’ve reproduced the issue and are looking into it now. Thanks for the additional info!

Sorry about the delay, your issues should be fixed now. Also some of your klaviyo submissions should have worked. The ones that didn’t are because you didn’t fill out enough of the form to populate all of the required entries in the klaviyo record