Lightbox Pop Ups

For one question, one button takes them through to the next question, but id like clicking the other button to bring up a lightbox of some affect saying ‘you dont qualify, try answering the question again if there was a mistake’ Can this be done?

Hi Ibrox,

You can achieve this by utilizing the custom validation error property of a button.


Here is how you can do it on your end.
First is to create a button.

Then go into the custom validation error properties of the button you had created.

Here are the rules that I had set.

The first rule indicates that if the value given by the user is a number in TextField1 it will show an error message.

While the second one indicates that if a text is inputted in TextField_jh it will also show an error message.

Here is also a link that you can visit to more about custom validation error logic rules.

Hopefully it helps.

Thanks for the update.

I did the necessary and made the change. However on live
site i click the button and no disclaimer appears. Nothing happens

Hey there, can you share which form you are in?

Sure its called PCP Finance

And the question is ‘Lender Explain’

I see that your Yes and No buttons are in a button group. What you should be trying to do here is to move your validation to the ‘Next’ button.