Magic Link Not Working

Whenever I go through my Stytch magic link email login, the form fails to load. Please advise. This is for form id ynIQSz.

Hi @adam , I have tested your form. It was loading as expected and working fine. Can you share more details about the form fails to load?

I was able to submit an address and see the No Service Area step. Are you referring to this step happening for every input?

Hey Kailash,

Try this address so you can proceed through the form:

175 W 81st St, New York, NY 10024

It is failing to load when redirecting after confirming the email address via magic link. So, I can get to the point where I receive the email via Stytch, but when I click on the link to confirm login, the form won’t load.

Any updates on this? Still not working in test or live environments.

Actually, I think I got this fixed on my own.

Great to hear - sorry about the delay here