Form with Custom Fields - Error Message, Not Completing

Hi, I have created a form with custom fields. I’ve specified the field ID then entered it into the Klaviyo integration settings. Then went to test the form, filled out all the fields, and I click on the button to take me to the next step, and the message I get instead is ‘please try again’. See button setup and error below. Any help much appreciated!

You haven’t set up your Stytch integration with actual credentials, so your email magic link action won’t be functional. You’ll need a working authentication integration in order to use magic links

The message I get, after setting up with Stytch, is “please register this domain with Stytch”

Yes, you’ll need to register the domain of your form with your Stytch account. You have to set it up in your stytch sdk allowed urls and redirect urls as well

I will have to talk to them, because all the form fields are completed with them, so there must be something I don’t understand

They should be able to help out as well. It’s an established flow that all Stytch users go through

Unfortunately, I have identified a bug in Stytch and they are seeking to fix it. Until then I am at a standstill and I only have 5 days left to get this online.