Multiple Condition Javascript Logic

We currently have the following code - how do we adjust it to add multiple conditions so that the following statement reads “if aaa and bbb, then ccc”?

if (feathery.fields[‘aaa’].equals(‘Apple’))
feathery.fields[‘ccc’].options = [‘Cherry’];

Moving the answer to this post:

You can use Javascript’s includes method (documentation).

if (a.value.includes('Apple') && a.value.includes('Apricot')) {
  c.options = ['Carrot', 'Cashew', 'Cherry', 'Cantaloupe']

Just to confirm, would this be entered as the below?

if (feathery.fields[‘a’].value.includes(‘Apple’) && feathery.fields[‘a’].value.includes(‘Apricot’)) {
feathery.fields[‘c’].options = [‘Carrot’,‘Cashew’,‘Cherry’,‘Cantaloupe’]

You can directly use the field’s name as well.