Multiple webhook integrations on same form

Today you can only add a single webhook integration for a given form. We need to be able to send to multiple, at least 2. Is it possible to enable this?

You can do multiple network requests via our API connector feature as well!

Do you have a more complete example in how you’d accomplish what we want with the API connector? Even the first modal to configure the API endpoint is a bit confusing to me:

Effectively want to send the exact same payload the webhook integration sends but to a different webhook endpoint.

Here’s an example of an API connector in use:

Basically defining an API connector defines an allowed endpoint your logic rules can query (along with auth headers, etc.)

Then in your logic rule, you can call something like feathery.http.POST(<url>, <field data>) and have it trigger when you want it to (when a step is submitted, loaded, etc.)