Webhook Integration: Different URLs for Live vs Test

Most integrations needs support for different settings for live vs test forms to facilitate testing.

The webhook one is an issue for us right now because it only supports one url

just launched the isTestForm utility, which will allow you to conditionally issue different network requests via logic depending on if it’s a live or test form https://docs.feathery.io/develop/react/api-guide/form/context-api

This is related to using API connectors right?

Yes it is related to using API connectors

Here is a start of API connector:

const payload = {test: TextField_Cd.value};
if (feathery.isTestForm()) {
   feathery.http.POST('https://api.company.com/test', payload);
} else {
   feathery.http.POST('https://api.company.com/live', payload);

However that works for a really basic form with one step and one field.

I’m looking for more direct guidance on how to get every field in the form to create the exact same payload structure as feathery sends when we use the regular webhook integration. I want parity whether I use webhook integration vs API connector.

I also don’t want to have to manually touch this connector if our IDs or # of questions change in the form. This needs to be set it and forget it.

This situation is actually why I wish there was just ability to (a) a webhook integration to support test vs live, and (b) ability to add multiple webhooks to a single form.

This then simplifies everything.

@peter I’ve looked at this further and think going the API route makes this more complicated than necessary. This is ultimately solved if you can just enable test vs live configuration for the webhook integration.

Who can I bribe at feathery? :slight_smile:

Or is there a philosophical or intention reason this isn’t supported at the webhook level?

If you’re looking for priority support & implementation, feel free to reach out to support@feathery.io for a quote!