Props to the Feathery team ๐Ÿ™Œ

Greetings fellow form fanatics, sojourners just giving Feathery a test run and confused lurkers who somehow ended up here in pursuit of more avian interests :wave:

This feels like the appropriate place to give the Feathery team a massive high-five. I tested a number of other form builders for my frustratingly dense and surprisingly complex form โ€” I didnโ€™t think it was initially until I started looking around for service providers โ€” and after being quite badly let down a few times I ended up here, and the experience has been quite fantastic.

The team went above and beyond to help me get the form set up and were incredibly responsive even while I was a free user testing the platform. Iโ€™ve never before been in a situation where I mentioned a need that wasnโ€™t yet part of the platform and within a few days it had been implemented as a new feature. Twice, and as a still free user no less! (And thatโ€™s not even mentioning the fact that the founder initiated personal communication to keep me informed of the progress.)

(To avoid creating unreasonable expectations for the team, I would hasten to add that it is entirely possible those features were already on the roadmap and I just happened to mention them at the right time).

In my searching and evaluation, Feathery has hands-down been the most flexible, intuitive platform Iโ€™ve used that also allows the user a great deal of control over design, while being able to accommodate complex logical processes at a reasonable price point.

So hereโ€™s to you Feathery team, thanks for making this otherwise tedious process entirely more pleasant than I expected after my previous searches.

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100% agree! the Feathery team has been great to work with for us too!