Quiz Embed Issue

Ive added a quiz to one of my landing pages in a tool called Landingi. However when i go to live page a few things have changed based on what the quiz should look like. The colours of the button have changed for no reason on every question.

I used the same embed code on Unbounce and its coming up correctly.

Asked landingi support but they said nothing they can do on their end. Speak to feathery

Hi Ibrox,

May I know the feathery email account that you had used when you created the form.


Sure its simon@calvamedia.co.uk
And the quiz is PCP Finance


Hi Ibrox,

If possible, can you please take a screenshot of what it looks like on your end, and what it’s supposed to correctly display.


Its meant to look the image with white and green button. But instead has the blue buttons

This is the incorrect display

If you’re only seeing these issues on landingi, that means the Landingi CSS styles are affecting your Feathery form - the CSS would need to be adjusted on your site to make sure they don’t override your form CSS