Survey question not rendering correctly from designer to test form

There seems to be an apparent bug. I tried to add a new option with image to our button group on a form, but it’s not rendering correctly. See screenshots:

Here is the form page in Feathery’s designer:

Here is the same form page in test mode:

Tried hard refresh, waiting, multiple browsers etc.

Hey Katie, which form is this?

New user onboarding (staging)

Hmm I’m seeing the image load fine on the Feathery-hosted test form. Are you seeing this issue on an embedded form?

Yes, on an embedded form.

Can you first try upgrading your embedded library to the latest version? (2.0.326)

We are on the latest version

Can you follow up at and give us specific instructions for accessing the embedded form where you’re seeing the issue? so we can have a more detailed look

Update: this is fixed now! was an issue specific to the theme override

Thank you Peter!!