How can I delete or edit custom fonts?

I can’t find any way to delete or edit font files uploaded to our Feathery account. Can I please get help with this? Thank you.

Hello, you can re-upload fonts on the same Font Family name you want to edit. This should override the existing font in there.

Hello, while this helps me edit fonts, due to there being a bug with our font rendering that I was trying to solve, we now have multiple font families that I would like to delete.

I can’t see any way for us to delete these.

This seems like it should be a basic functionality, but I haven’t been able to find an answer for how to do it in any docs or other people’s posts.

We don’t support that today, but if you share the names of the families you’d like to get rid of we can do a one time cleanup of that on our side for you

That would be super helpful!

The ones we’d like to remove are:

The one we’d like to keep is:
Suisse Intl

Thanks so much, really appreciate it!

This has been updated on our side now