Send form data to php script


I want to send form data to a Php script when a step is validated.

In wehook I put:

  • Url: my Php script,
  • headers: “content-type” : “application/json; charset=utf-8”
  • Send data when: any user data is received

My Script:

$data = $_POST[‘fuser_key’];
if ($data !== null) {
$response = array(
“responseType” => “success”,
“response” => $data
} else {
$response = array(
“responseType” => “error”,
“response” => “Invalid JSON”
echo json_encode($response);

I try in test mode but I get {“responseType”:“error”,“response”:“Invalid JSON”}.

Thank for your help.

Kind regards,

Hey there - you can try removing the header in your webhook setup.