Webhook stopped working but showing connected: "invalid JSON body"

Last week after a couple of days of working as expected, without any changes on my part, the webhook integration stopped working. I am using webhook integration with Webflow. I disconnected, reconnected, and rebuilt the logic on the webflow side and recopied the webhook URL, and it still didn’t work. I decided to work on other stuff and give it a few days. I just tried it again, and tried disconnecting, reconnecting, re-entering the URL again, same error. Here are the screenshots:

Hey Susan, we’ll need some more context on this error - not sure what was sent to webflow or why this was triggered. You can also test your webhook by hooking it up to Webhook.site - Test, process and transform emails and HTTP requests, which will log your payload.

Thanks Peter. I ran the webhook.site test and since that all looked correct, I deleted everything in webflow again and rebuilt the logic and the connection. It seems to be working now. In case it stops working, I’m adding screenshots below to revisit later.