Trying to View Hidden Fields in Zapier from From Submission

In our Buy Online form I’m trying to add the URL utm_source as a hidden field value so we can better understand marketing sources in our submissions - probably a dreadfully simple use case but want to make sure it works. I have the field created via the dashboard and it’s called “utm_source” will this automatically inherit from the URL or am I missing something?

I’m not that tech savvy so the more help/instruction the better here lol. Also, when I try routing the fields in Zapier to map this hidden field to a field in a separate tool it looks like Zapier might not be picking up that the hidden field exists? Is this by design or am I missing something…

Thanks for any insight! Really hope I can get this resolved as it will add much needed clarity :slight_smile:

you need to create the hidden field first in Feathery before setting its value: Hidden Fields | Feathery Docs

I’ve done that part, I’m pretty sure. (see screenshot)

My question is this:


Will my hidden field “utm_source” inherit the value of “nextdoor” from this example entry URL?

Furthermore, since my field already exists - is Zapier unable to recognize hidden fields?

Nevermind, I believe I have it worked and answered my own question as it seems to be working.

Folks if you experience this issue - just refresh your connection with Zapier and Feathery and the utm_source field will pull in, it may not pull in immediately but also try testing a completion event where you actually have a value for that field as well.