When I send the form to users, do they need to receive unique links or can the same link be sent out multiple times?

I am trying to wrap my head around sending out a new form as I am very new to Feathery. Am I able to send the same link to the live form multiple times to different recipients or do I need to create a new link every time?

Hi @Dan , The same live link can be sent to your users.

Hi @kailash, thank you for your help. When I send the same link to two people, it pulls the data that person 1 has input when person 2 goes to complete the form. Is there a setting that needs to be changed to stop this issue?

Hi @Dan , Are these users trying to access the form from the same machine? There is an option under settings > User Tracking > Remember User. If you select that as No, the form does not load previously submitted data.

Hi @kailash, the users are accessing the form from their individual devices. I will try that new setting and see if it works.

@Dan you’re probably using a unique submission link

please refer to this: Launch Forms | Feathery Docs

Hi @peter, thank you for your reply, I have copied the URL from pressing live form and I will share that with users.