Support multiple submissions by same user on same form

We posted about this here:

But to make this an official feature request: We need ability for a Feathery form to be answered multiple times by the same user

Given Feathery is meant to be forms for products, I’m surprised this isn’t supported already especially since one of the marketed features is for “feedback” which by definition means a product could show it multiple times to the same user in different circumstances or across time for the same scenario (e.g. NPS).

Right now the second time our users are showing a “downgrade” form, it is auto-populated with what they entered previously which is wrong.

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A featheyr form can be answered multiple times by the same user, you just have to turn remember user off. What i believe you’re specifically asking for is the ability for the same user to answer Form A only a single time and when coming back only allow updating the existing submission, while simultaneously allowing the user to answer Form B multiple times, and then associating both form a and form b data with the same user – which is less straightforward, but something we’ll track