Achieving Table Layout in PDF Forms with Horizontal Orientation

I have created a table using containers and text fields in the form, and I intend to put an “add row” feature for dynamic table expansion. However, upon form submission, the displayed table does not match the layout I created. Is it feasible to present the table horizontally instead of vertically to enhance clarity, as the vertical arrangement proves to be confusing for users?

Feathery PDF :

Our expectation :


cc: @eric to help out here

This is on our road map of planned enhancements. Based on your request we have bumped the priority a bit. However, we will need a few weeks to get this implemented and deployed. We will let you know when it is available. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you for considering my request. I truly appreciate the attention you’ve given to this matter. I’ll eagerly await further updates and appreciate your ongoing communication throughout this process. Thank you for your dedication and for keeping me informed.

Follow up on this issue. May i know is there any updates regarding this pdf layout ?

we’re working on this and will let you know when it’s updated cc: @summep

Adding a vote for this feature, we really really need it for our forms to work correctly.

Can anyone advise if there is any way of making better sense of data in repeating containers if it can’t be done this way?

My plain text option isn’t working well either. I had assumed that each containeir would separate into it’s own section in plain text, instead each field is listed one after the other making the data hard to interpret.

Would making my own fillable PDF and uploading it via documents solve this issue, or will I encounter the same problem?

Hi Cassie, for repeatable containers, the values are stored as arrays for that specific field.
We are actively working on creating a horizontal / tabular view for repeatable containers in the export pdf and will keep you posted once this is live. Thank you.

Thank you! I understand that these things can take time - we are hoping to go live with our form fairly soon. Is there any other solution in the mean time? Or will I need to wait until the tabular view is released?

Thank you so much for all of your help!

Hi @Celine @cassieb The change to generate table format for repeatable container fields should be live now. Please let us know if you have any questions on this. Thank you!

Amazingly quick, thank you!

Unfortunately it still isn’t displaying clearly given the number of fields/options our repeater fields need to have. It is splitting the content up:

This isn’t ideal given that some of our forms may have over 20 repeats, and this layout will take a long time to parse for orders with more than a few repeats.

I basically just need the information within one container separated from the information in the next container. Like the attached example, which was a form we had built for this same purpose (in webflow) previously.

Is there any way of setting this information in a simple text email, like the above, that can be sent via the email integration?

Or is the table view only supported via the PDF generator?

To have this appear in the email body, you can potentially create a hidden field, and assign a html table with the repeatable container fields values to this hidden field in a logic rule, then include this hidden field in the email integration.

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Thank you! I’ll see if I can get my head around this.

Unfortunately I do not understand how to configure hidden fields; I have successfully set one up but it appears I need to use a third party to configure it - is that correct?

They can be populated via an integration like Plaid, set via our API or embed SDK,

no, you can use a logic rule to set the value of a hidden field as well

having experimented with logic rules and hidden fields just now, unfortunately I think this might be all above my skill set.

I think a simpler solve than what was originally recommended here is to take the repeating field values and transform them in the rule. for example, if you have field name with value ["John", "Joe", "Jack"] and field age with value [10, 20, 30], you can write a rule like:

const results = '';
for (let i = 0 ; i < name.value.length; i++) {
    results += name.value[i] + ',';
    results += age.value[i] + '\n';
MyHiddenField.value = results;

then you can include the MyHiddenField hidden field in your email integration to show the transformed results.

Again I’m not entirely sure I have the skillset for this! The information that I need to table has six different fields, a mix of field types, so I don’t think I’m going to be able to make sense of how I need to add this all to the code specified.