Conditional Repeatable rows and button

How would I setup a form that gives the user the option of adding a repeatable row for text input to a max of two or three rows and an option to select a repeatable address field?

I tried a slide but it does not function in the ideal way. Is there not a switch feature where i can add the two options, it will be defaulted to the first option with text repetable row showing or switch two option 2 and then the repeatable address field shows?

I understand that I need to have a repeatable container with the repeatable field inside, but I’m not sure how to setup 1) the switch option and 2) the button that adds an extra text row or address row depending on what is selected by the user.

you could use a button group with two options as your switch. Based ont he value, conditionally show fields. You can set up a button to add repeating containers. Please reference our documentation: Dynamically Repeating Containers - Feathery Docs