Airtable prefill integration + stripe integration

Francisco_Nuñez @Francisco_Nuñez: Hello everyone !channel! It’s a pleasure to greet you. My team and I are considering subscribing to a paid plan with Feathery; however, we have two questions that have been holding us back. If you would be so kind, could you assist me?

  1. We need to send information from our Airtable database to the form. This is to ensure that when our customer opens the form, they can see some of the information stored in Airtable. I couldn’t find any documentation on this. Do you happen to know if it can be done?

  2. We want to create a form with Stripe integration, where depending on what’s selected in the form, a specific amount will be charged via Stripe. At the same time, we would need to send that information to Airtable to update our records. I understand that this should be possible. Is that correct?

I appreciate your responses in advance.
Best regards!

Trevin_Chow @Trevin_Chow: For #1 you should be able to pass data to the form when you’re loading it.

peter @peter: 1. using our advanced logic feature, you’ll be able to prefill your form from airtable. we have a salesforce prefill example in there and will add an airtable example by tomorrow!
2. yes, both are supported

Francisco_Nuñez @Francisco_Nuñez: Thank you very much for your answers!

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