Stripe Integration

I set up the Stripe integration and added api keys for both a test and live environment. I then submitted a form but the submission does not show in Stripe.

Feathery integrates with Stripe to enable you to either collect credit card information (for future charges) or collect a card and charge a payment agains it. Depending upon what you wish to do there are some things you need to do to your form such as add a payment method field or configure a button to add a product for purchase, etc. If you haven’t already read about payments in feathery. please take a look at this: Build a Payment Flow - Feathery Docs.

That makes sense. Thanks for the information. I added the Payment Method field to the form as an optional field - would this work such that a customer is created in Stripe if and only if the Payment Method field is completed by the user? FYI This is the intended use.

Yes. If your customer does not enter a credit card on your form, then feathery will not create the customer record in Stripe.

Just to confirm, would our form work if cc information is collected but billing address is not collected? (FYI We have billing address currently set up to be collected only at checkout).

i believe that should be fine