Load data from Google Sheets based on data from URL to Feathery

Hello, I’m interested in pre-filling elements with data from Google Sheets. While exploring the integrations section, I could only find information on sending data to Google Sheets, but not on retrieving data from it. My goal is to read query strings from the URL that a user used to access the Feathery form. With these parameters, I’d like to fetch a specific row from Google Sheets and populate the Feathery form with the corresponding values. Can you please assist me with this?

Here’s an example of how custom logic can be used to prefill from Google sheets:

Thank you I will take a look

So I checked the link but it does not really explain anything. When I want to connect google sheets to my form in the integrations section, I just have two options - “Add or update row” and “Export to sheet”. Explain please how to read from Google sheets then, as I did not came across any way to do this.

Anyway, I found what I needed. Thanks

The prefill does not use the Google Sheets integration, it uses our custom logic feature