Bug: Disconnecting rudderstack did not stop events from flowing

I think we’ve stumbled upon a serious bug.

We enabled Rudderstack integration for a form, and noticed that there is no way to configure which events are sent. So a rudderstack track call is made for every single step load, submit and form completion. Way too many events. So we disabled it, but feathery is continuing to send us rudderstack events even 12-15 mins after disabling the RS integration in the feathery form.

So we had to then just sever the connection from RS to our webhook. So feathery is continuing to send stuff to Rudderstack but it’s no longer relaying to us.

I’m guessing it’s a client-side caching issue. Checking out your feathery-hosted forms, none of them appear to have rudderstack active. hard refreshing your browser should clear rudderstack as well

It’s possible it was client side caching issue as a hard refresh may not have been done in our testing. But hard to know now because it’s finally stopped.